K12 School Consulting Corporate Services

How We Help Employers

We offer custom consulting, comprehensive group seminars with important school information and robust school search tools to help you guide and attract relocating employees with school-aged children to the Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester regions of South Carolina. Our goal is to provide professional K-12 school advice and products that not only enhance your recruiting process, but minimize business disruption, and increase employee retention.

We partner with corporations, business recruiters, public sector employers, talent search firms, and housing professionals across the region to help search teams better articulate and advise on public, private, charter, magnet, and independent school options in the region.

Training Plans

We can provide an experienced and knowledgeable “on-loan” educator to work with your internal corporate human resources group or sales teams to ensure that they understand education options in the region. Ask us to produce customized school information publications, make group presentations, participate in your company’s strategic planning sessions or connect directly with relocating employees.

Technical Assistance

We are available to answer educational questions from your corporate partners, travel to recruit new companies or bring talent into the Lowcountry, and lead new employee orientation within your organization.

Group Informational Seminars

In these small group sessions for parents, future parents, and caregivers our experts will deliver topic-specific presentations (60-80 minutes), with time devoted to group questions and discussion post-presentation. Seminars can be customized to meet the needs of your employees and their families. Examples of Group Informational Seminars can be found here.

Special Projects

Have a special project in mind? Contact us to see what we can do.

School Search Solutions for Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston, South Carolina