Professional Consulting for Families & Caregivers

Family Consultation Sessions

In these private sessions, families and caregivers will explore school options with a dedicated SSK12 facilitator in a confidential, personalized and non-judgmental setting. We take the work out of school research and selection by sifting through our database of two hundred and twenty-five public, private, district-charter, magnet, independent, faith-based and state charter schools.

Sessions typically run 60-80 minutes and may be long distance, computer assisted, or face to face.

We’ll learn about your family needs, values, and preferences, in addition to student-specific needs, academic goals and learning styles. Once we establish your family-student profile, we provide and explain relevant data related to school options that will best match your needs and goals. You’ll get a clear picture of a school’s philosophy and commitment to students’ talents, interests and personality, and we’ll help you chart a course of action for application and enrollment. Families also receive guidance on school visits and what to look for in classrooms.

Professional consultations are strictly confidential. We pledge to safeguard all personally identifiable information, and we will not record your session, nor share student information with employers or employees, school districts or officials, or any third party.

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  • Definition of school types
  • Listing of what to look for in a school
  • Regional Websites
  • Listing of all 225 schools
  • Access to complete the Family Student Profile Instrument
  • One-on-one meeting with trained School Facilitator
  • Up to 5 school match reports
  • Follow-up consultation, if needed

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